Sunday, December 31, 2006

Today is the Sun Day. History has recorded this day as the day to sit back and
see the reflections on the wall.
I wrote a piece about this an it is called "The Cave".
I also wrote about what it is like to be without society Here.
Why would man scratch the surface of stone as in the "Ten Commandments" and the "Rosetta Stone"? Did these folks want us to understand the spoken word.
Why would man go about and name all the objects within his view and
then scratch these meanings on stone, parchment, and paper and now the electronic media.
Today we can cross reference a meaning of a word just by using a computer in our home.
Those of us that have the gift of good memory can learn another meaning of "The Sun Day" and why this day was placed in our midst every seventh day.
Why did Buddha and Gandhi just sit and wait for an answer.
Did Jesus do the same?
Does society give us each a day to reflect?
Have we abused that privilege?
Has some organization taken our day of solitude and pointed our thoughts toward their needs.
The Sun Day is our own day to be.
The Sunday is the day we sit at the chair/beach and look out
to the sea or lake and view our reflection.
It is raining this last day of the
written calendar of 2006.

 .Words & Graphics by Tomas