It is early Monday morning and my life has been very physical in the last month. In the last two days I have been moving rock as in a chain gang. The work makes my muscles sore.
Hard work drives out the time to ponder and to muse.
That is something I learned at Tolstoy and Moningstar; I learned that work is part of life and part of the ability to survive. Being paid to work is a bonus. Work has nothing to do with society;
it is strictly a personal thing.
I grew up thinking that human being had to work nine to five jobs and that if you did not work for society you were a slacker. That thought is pushed into the minds of human beings in our society and creates a false sense of moral values of doers and slackers.
The world has learned to abuse the ability of work by creating slaves to do their work; causing me to think that work is part of the evil when in realty it is the man that controls the slave that is evil;
not the work.
Where ever you find a group of men working as slaves you always see a few men that are content with their lives and you wonder why. I know why now.
Yes we must free man from slavery; not free man from work; pounding rock is not evil.
We should also free man from the propaganda implanted in the brain about work.

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