Good Morning. I write to reflect and to help.

It is pleasant in Western Kentucky. It is so wet outside I cannot see out the windows because of the moisture.
Kitten Yarn is at our home knitting and helping us. The children are so responsible in a wild kind of way. They are all asleep as I wait for the tea kettle to whistle and as I speak it whistled. Red tea for me.
I have several ways to post my feelings and this blog is only one of many. I write my congressman, I used to write letters via the post office but it is so private and it only speaks to one person that it very inconvenient to write 50 letters a day. So I blog, write on my websites, interact with FaceBook. I do not text or chat because I do not spell very well. I take a while longer to post and most of my posts do not go very far in my understanding of the word.
Mentally I am where it's at and that is the space provided by birth. My history is sporadic and drones on like an annoyance.
I write to reflect and to help.

Words & Graphics by Tomas