A Personal Computer

It is amazing to think that each of us has a way to communicate with ourselves and the planet.
My brother Ron bought a motorcycle so that he can see the planet and be around folks that he loves. Travel here travel there. I push a keyboard (what folks call a laptop), my brother Gil works in a beautiful environment of earth. David has built his family a home and Diane kept us all together.
Sandy lives in both country and city. She has traveled and seen the wonders of North America, we are still talking about devises that we use to communicate with each other.
The most amazing thing that has happened is the typewriter that is hand held ((texting), were still working out the kinks on that one and the short hand used) . We can talk on the devise as well as texted.
We have chat on FaceBook which some folks use but I am still learning to spell (I am a day to day learner that forgets what he spelled three days ago) so I do not chat. Chat is for the quick correct spellers and thinkers
(mom and daughter come to mind there.)
I am thinking as to what started it all, the stick in the earth, the cave painting, the radio and radar, TV and the wheel.
This mind of ours has moved rather well.
Someone invented the Interactive TV with a keyboard but we are still in our shorts and pajamas and having a time adjusting to that. It is here and folks have asked us to talk via the laptop but like I said I am just out of bed with my shorts and scruffy beard (a sight to see at midnight) god almighty the calendar flipped to another day.
Our young walk the street and traveling with cell phones to their ears. Waving hands and gestures and talking to inanimate objects ("Oh excuse me, I thought you were talking to me?").
Were there or as the little girl says, "There here!"
I kinda like this world, It is kinda poverty and space patrol with a world that if flipping paper into a fan and calling it money kinda a place. I can print money on my laptop and computer but I don't because the law says not to. We are an advanced world with GPS that can just about park our cars, "OOPS the throttle is stuck!" Well almost.
We are moving fast but I say a prayer as I type with this mind of Bliss and Euphoria.
I kind a see like the Hippies of Yore in real color and god almighty that is fare out mentality reality.
Bless you
Wow! I am just up and Ferguson tapped/patted the camera wishing us well.

Words & Graphics by Tomas