The First Monday in September
Labor Day

There is plenty of history online about Labor Day.
Today is Labor Day
The weather outside is in the middle fifties just a few degrees below the average for this part of the country for this day. Society keeps track of these things. Where I worked at the lock and dam we not only recorded the river levels we also recorded the daily weather.
Labor in the world is leveling out. We the wealthy in the United States are losing our wages as the world as a whole is gaining a higher wage. It is making a lot of folks in the United States very angry. The world as a whole is benefiting with better health and wages.
The world reminds me of the early American southern slave states before the civil war. The big difference is that the world is developing technology which that they may get to use. They know through the Internet that they are being cheated out of some good wages. So this leveling between us and the world will move swiftly. Big corporations may not like this and may try to form dictatorships and theocracys to keep the labor unions under their control and keep labor costs down.
I heard this the other day. Terror is a word like murder. Can we go to war against murder? Yes we have the law and if we disobey the law we pay people to go after you. How far do we go to get those folks that murder? Do we permanently change the way we live to fight murder?
Would we give up our republic and give the president complete control over the fight to fight murder?
We did.
We changed history when we overrode our constitution.
Osama Bin Laden and George Bush will go down in history as the two people that changed the way our constitution works in the United States.


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas