Are Lobbyists Unconstitutional?

The broken circle above represents lobbyists who mediates between the United States Congress and the corporate world.
That is not what our founders wanted.
We have a right to assemble and speak our minds as a group or privately as an individual and be represented by the United States Congress.
People can attempt to influence or sway The United States Congress toward a desired action for a cause or they can vote in an election for a desired action.
Do I have the right to be a representative of some company?
The answer is yes and do I have the right to represent my company before congress?
I think not because the people in the company are already represented before Congress by their Congressmen.
Lobbying is not built into the checks and balances of our government even though former congressman can be seen jawboning their way into the halls of government.
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 .Words & Graphics by Tomas