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Today is Wednesday May 18, 2011

I have a NARFE meeting today at 11:15AM at The Marion Café. I am bringing my tape recorder (it is a small Olympus that does function as a MP3 player and a voice recorder. I am using it to record our meeting because we want to collect data about the history of  the local chapter 1373. We as a group find it very interesting understanding our history in our small community.
Today I mow and clean the pool, mowing first after the meeting then the cleaning of the pool. At the moment I have a pump running that clears some debris from the pool so I will remove that debris in a few minutes after this post.
At the moment I am having my cup of coffee and saying my good mornings to the planet earth. This is the planet that holds my mother in her midst an illusion in my mind but matter on the planet. That is a paradox because I have no clue other that she was here on the planet earth.
I posted about her on Mothers Day and a stream of tears came from this human being; very powerful emotions and rightly so good.
Because of our trip we sacrificed our telephone and internet service for the remained of the month.


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