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 May 19, 2011

I turned on the TV this morning and I saw fear in a 9 year old girls eyes and she pleaded with me for no more violence. I saw those painful sad eyes, where tears fell during the night begging god to end the violence.
As long as we kill meat and dig the earth we will fight; either for the meat or for the land to grow our fruit.
How do we explain that to her so she does not have to feel burdened to carry the sins of the planet on her small back? Where is society and who are these so called monks to teach a child to not be so burdened with so much pain?
Where are the leaders that will explain to her or where is the school that will explain to her or where is my voice to explain to her that her gift is life and yes this is heaven on earth the utopia we all wish for and our blessing is the view we awake to each morning.



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