The Ohio River runs south between Metropolis Il. and Paducah Ky. The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant is located in western Kentucky, 10 miles west of the City of Paducah.  The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, operated by the United States Enrichment Corporation, a subsidiary of USEC Inc., is the only operating uranium enrichment facility in the United States. The soil around the plant is not healthy and has been known to invade underground water sources.
Across the river at Joppa Il. is a concrete Mfg. and loading facility. If you have ever held powdered concrete in your hand you know that it generates a heat and can burn you severely.
Down river above Olmsted Il. is Lock and Dam # 53. A  friend who worked for USACE told me that in a study to build Olmsted Dam they put a stainless steal plate at the bottom of the river with a cable tied to the bank for retrieval. When they came back the following year they lifted the cable and realized that their cable had chemically disappeared. The river is so chemically volatile there that Olmsted Dam is not complete because steel below the water will not last.
They have tested a wicket type dam across the river from Smithland Lock and Dam. The wickets tested were made of composite materials. As of 2002 they were still in place at the Smithland facility.


A few years ago I bought at the sporting goods store some "SpiderWire" fishing line. Well I did not like it as fishing line because my knife or teeth would not cut it. Fingernail clippers seem to be the only thing that works.

Any way I love the line because it is indestructible and very useful around the house. At the moment I am watching a program about composite airplanes. Are they good or bad? At Smithland lock we have composite wickets on the far side of the dam. They were put there to test there usefulness against rust and corrosion. Fishing rods are made of composite materials and so are windshields on NASCAR racing cars (Lexan). Yesterday swiftly moving across the Internet I found this website which says that they have developed a thin material stronger that steel. We can imagine an airplane with this covering inside and out to give it flexibility and strength in a storm or crash.

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