One Room School
It is dark out this morning; it is 6:30 Central Time.
If I was out waiting on a bus for school I certainly would want some light where I was.
I remember the school bus moving out at this hour of the morning to gather up children for that long ride to school. There is a maze of winding roads in our county and they reach out twenty miles from the schools. All the schools for economical reasons have been consolidated.
Those one room school houses are the thing of the past.
I heard that because of the high cost of fueling our school buses in our county were going to
cut out something from the school budget.
That normally means that a teacher is going to lose.
Because of the low cost of our communications systems today.
(The satellites in the skies, Internet, intranet, television, CD and video)
I think the one room school house within a mile of the children's home would be great.
My daughter teaches her children from her home so small classrooms thoughout our community
would not hamper the business of teaching.

 .Words & Graphics by Tomas