Orbiting Life

Since World II our United States Presidency has been the work of the president and his wife. No matter how you say "The Family in the White House" that phrase and that fact has been what influences our lives in these times of "We know everything about the President and his Family".
When we elect the President we elect the package, "The Man and his Family".
Look back and see what we have done.
Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor
Harry Truman and Bess
Dwight D. Eisenhower and Mamie
John F. Kennedy and Jackie
Lyndon Johnson and Lady Byrd
Richard Nixon and Pat
Gerald R. Ford and Betty
Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn
Ronald Reagan and Nancy
George Bush and Barbara
Bill Clinton and Hillary
George Bush and Laura
Every man and every woman on this list has influenced our lives in one way or another.
I was born during the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1941).
War and the tales of war have dominated all that I have read in my life. Violence has not been part of my life but violent war has been on the planet in my lifetime.
I have been against war just about all of my adult life and I never had to defend my country until the explosions of the twin towers. I then felt that we must stop the powers that were teaching human beings to kill innocent bystanders in the name of their god.
Jealousy or the pointing out a life style as evil does not make your beliefs right in the sight of an unknown or known god.
I never felt that invading Iraq was proper or right. Defending Kuwait during the Iraq-Kuwait War was in the worlds opinion correct. Going after the idea and defeating the idea "that blowing up the twin towers was right" was in the eyes of world opinion the correct thing to do.
Frighting people with masks of terror or unknown demons lurking behind handsome bearded facades does not help the world of religious faces stop evil.

Words & Graphics by Tomas