Our Whole Planet is Online
Everywhere you go, every place on the planet there is someone carrying a smart phone.
What is the difference between a smart phone and a cell phone.
Most cell phones today view and take photos, videos, text, go online, email, have a great calendar, are GPS capable,
store my favorite music, google and a wide range of other things.

Peace on Earth
What part of the planet earth is in chaos?
Haven't they seen all the videos.
I live in a society that is peaceful.
There seems to be some sort of propaganda saying that the soil that I stand on is evil and must be
destroyed because Allah deems it so.
Where in the world is it as peaceful as my home in the country.
My planet around me is peaceful. There is a good reason for the peace in the valley.
My mind dwells on peace, my every existence is surrounded in peace, is there any other reason to live.

Words & Graphics by Tomas