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Man rarely leaves the planet and that is a nice reflection

Good Morning,

Mom is off today and I think she will rest. She worked hard at home filling out forms for her friend.
It is dark out and quiet, peaceful. I hear a furnace fan and water falling.
It looks damp outside and the rain has moved east. The temperature is in the upper 30's.
I will be something nice for the rest of my lives. When I leave this body my remains will turn the soil and perhaps a flower will grow, I may be consumed as a grain and enter another being as enrichment or perhaps I will feed a tree that blossoms in the spring and fruit will feed the hungry. Perhaps I will roll to the sea and rest along the sands and view the planet. Perhaps I will only rest in the soil and push to the highest peak and fall into a volcano and fall as ash miles from home. Man rarely leave the planet.
Whatever, I am a peace with man, god and the planet and I will sustain life forever. That is a nice reflection.


Words & Graphics by Tomas

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