This is Saturday, the marks on the calendar remind me that it is May 26, 2007.
This is the beginning of festivities celebrating the lives of everyone that fought for Freedom.
To me that is my mother who fought my father;
a man that had girlfriends and wives simultaneously throughout his lifetime.
I do not know what happened in my childhood but by knowing him throughout his life;
where he did in the early 1950's introduce to me his girlfriend while he was married to my stepmother Margie while working at Narden Mfg. in Alhambra ,CA.
The odd thing was that my stepmother Margie threw him out for having an affair with Gladsy who was not the women he introduced me to at Nardens.
I can only assume what he was like in his 20's;
he was a Latin hunk with an ego as large as outdoor movie theater. I know how big that ego is because that is how large mine is.
So this big Holiday is dedicated to all the young women throughout the world who have to deal with drunken hunks of men who are prone to violence that yell, "Stella" from the streets below.


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas