Use Your Brain

We know that our brain functions in our body and we know that our brain helps us; we also know that we are dependent on a doctor’s advice.
Some of us that have painful arthritis
and I thought to myself, “Can my brain help me with the arthritis?” 
Most of us would say no and I think to myself, “Use your brain.” 
Some folks laugh,
some folks think that is completely nuts 
and some folks say, “Why didn’t I think of that.”

Your body has a lot of tools that work 
and have been working in your body since birth. 
Mom taught me to walk, talk and work. 
Teachers teach us to us our brains. 
We use doctors and drugs; why can’t we use our brains too; 
there is space in our brains for more knowledge. 
Age wears things out and 
knowledge, doctors and drugs have extended our life span. 

I have a feeling that our bodies manufacture a lot of things to help us stay alive. 
I have heard some folks say that we have parts of our bodies 
that we do not know what they do.

I do not know how to move things away from pinched nerves; 
maybe my body has a chain saw and wheelbarrow to move debris away from nerves. 
Could our bodies do the remarkable task of fixing the areas where arthritis has damage our bodies; doctors, drugs and maybe my brain and body can help.

I said something to Laurel Rose and she just walked away.


Words & Graphics by Tomas

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