Today 2009

My wife Laurel Rose is a tough woman.
She looks fifty and worked very hard all her life.
This past year she was at work going back to the break room at Walmart (where she worked) when a 13 year old boy ran out of the video section of the store and ran over my wife Laurel Rose.
Do you remember that back then you could not see over the aisles at Walmart and that young man who was running in the store had no clue that my wife was going to the break room.
Well my wife got hurt and Walmart took her to the hospital and after waiting four hours checked her out.
Well it turns out that the clinic where she went was not capable of finding a problem with my wife's pain so she was sent to a specialist.
He asked workers comp for the funds to check out my wife and they refused to do that each time the doctor asked (four times).
My wife did not do any better as time went by and our doctor was asked to send her back to work.
She is now working in pain at Walmart. She refuses to to take any pain pills because she knows that Walmart will certainly pay the hospital for a drug test for her.
You know if she fails a drug test then Walmart can remove her from her job.
Something is wrong with the system Walmart uses as a formula to help their employees. They will pay for a drug test to fire an employee but will not pay for a procedure to help Laurel Rose get well
Did I mention that this was the 2009th year after our lord.
What ever happened to, "Honor thy Mother and Thy Father."
I still shop at Walmart this is just a message to help them improve their employee policies when folks get hurt within their walls.

Walmart and I

Words & Graphics by Tomas