13 boy grab-assing in Walmart store runs over grandmother

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 13 year old boy grab-assing in Walmart store runs over grandmother

32 degrees and a strong frost on the windows; outside wet surfaces are slick and shiny. It is quiet here at home and I feel good. I carried some heavy stuff yesterday and today I am fine. Normally I pay very dearly for carrying heavy objects. It could be that I have nothing more to tear or pull as far as muscles go.

Our oldest cat Tiger Lilly is very happy to sleep indoors. She is our best mouser and she normally eats fresh kill rather than chow. But this morning she is sound asleep on a couch pillow with no worry at all. Most of our cats have ears on alert as they sleep but Tiger Lilly is not worried at all as she sleeps.
Mom is asleep. She bought a wrist band for her hand yesterday; I do not know whether she slept with it or not she has a terrible time sleeping because the pain in her hands wakes her up. I do not know whether she overslept or she just called in today; I will find out later. If she overslept she may get angry at me for not waking her; whatever. I like that she works because she is a people person but I do not like the slave attitude of Walmart.
Mom is arthritic and when she got run over by a 13 year old boy grab-assing in the store, Walmart did everything they could to wash their hands clean of the event; it is nice to have a blog because I will remind the nation what ass holes they really are. 


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