Laurel, Eli and I Travel

We take life for granted; we naturally assume that everything around us will work out fine. We move our bodies from person to person and place to place. Every day our world moves swiftly by, we see our time blur by and sometimes we try to hold it still. We have learned to grasp every moment.
The three of us moved from our home in Marion to the expressway very swiftly. We did not break any speed limits; it is just that life today in this world moves at a rapid pace. We left Marion three hours before the flight left from Nashville to San Diego. Eli was going to catch a flight with Southwest that would take him back to San Diego.  On our way home I realized that we had moved very swiftly to Nashville and that Eli was going to fly at a great speed though the air, propelled by two rocket engines welded to a pressurized tube.
It totally amazes me about how fast we traveled these 300 hundred miles
in one day. Laurel and I rolled home on plastic and steel, while our car
engine exploded 500 times a minute. Our rubber and air-pressurized tires
roll at extreme speeds without catching fire or exploding; while our child was propelled through the air at over 300 miles per hour. When Laurel and I got home she hopped on the internet and traced Eli’s flight plan until it landed safely in San Diego.
How fortunate I am to be alive with so much motion moving about me. What a great relief it is to know that I can stop and grasp the moment at hand and thank my friends for helping soothe my days.  We moved so swiftly today and we are still alive. That is amazing and normal in this era.
Andee says “Hello” and will send some pics.
I am very thankful to Andee for sending the pictures.
Photo 1   Photo 2
It is hard to realize that you can live without money and be extremely happy. The photo she sent only amplifies my thoughts and confirms the love I had for Sylvia and Joanie. I had no idea that the photo was taken. The picture was taken before Joanie had a premonition that something was wrong with Ramon at Morningstar.
Last Saturday at 1 a.m. 30 miles from home on highway 60 between Ledbetter and Smithland Kentucky; I had a tire blow out while traveling down the highway at fifty miles an hour. It was in the middle of the night and I tried to change my tire after I found the little tire and jack in the still darkness on the lonely stretch of country road. I did manage to raise the car and remove three of the four lug bolts, the forth was hard to turn and it finally snapped off. The tire was frozen in place, no matter how hard I moved or hit the rim, it would not budge. I was getting a little agitated. I could not remove the old tire. I put the bolts back on the tire and left the car up in he air. I sat in the car and waited for someone to stop. I waited fifteen minute and decided to raise my hood. I waited 30 minutes before a Kentucky Highway Patrol Women came by and ask me if I needed some help. She called for help and it was close to 2:30 a.m. before a wrecker from Marion came by to help. Our local service station friend hooked the car up and we rode back to Marion where he dropped me off at home at 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning at home. While I was sitting in the car waiting in the stillness, I saw one light coming down the hill in my rear view mirror. I looked out the window in the darkness of night to see a man in a dark overcoat riding a grownup bike come speeding by at over fifty miles an hour down the hill. I was amazed to see the silent bicycle zoom by at 50 mph. He waved.
While we were riding back to Marion in the wreaker driver ask me? “Did you see a man on a bicycle come by?” I said yes and we smiled. It is not often you see a man riding a bicycle at fifty mph at 2:30 a.m. in the dark stillness of night.
I examined the tire Monday afternoon at the tire dealer.
It was blown apart like you see on T.V. or read about, they replaced it.
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