The Twelve-Hour Shift
Upside down, downside up, twisted days of sleep. I go to work at 5:15 in the morning and I get home at 8:00 at night. I go to work at 5:15 in the evening and I get home at 8:00 in the morning. Some days I have to sleep during the day, other days I have to sleep at night.
It is either sleeping during the day between 8am & 4pm or sleeping at night between 8pm & 4am. Those are my only choices. Hopefully there is a place in this world for proper working hours. A humane system of working hours for sensible people sounds great to me. This chaos that I am working now either keeps me up at home or work, my clock is out of whack. This is my off day and my body does not know what to do, work or sleep?
There is a place that I can go to and that is retirement. I will loose half of my money requirements that I use to live by, by retiring, but it seems the only sensible thing left to do.
My sense of time is twisted like an out of shape painted clock. My eyes are drooping and my heart is racing. Sheep are leaping over the spinning gears that turn in my head. I asked for help and they just punched my card.
This is my first day off and I am up, am I supposed to be asleep or awake? Laurel is asleep, she is going to see Allison tomorrow and I am up now at 2 in the morning, shouldn't I be asleep? Or am I going to drop off around 4 in the morning.
Where is the sanity in this life? Where is the normal procedure that I should follow?
I think I have painted my self into a corner. I'll stay up and let the paint dry. At least I did have sense enough to bring a sleeping bag into this corner.
The Twelve-Hour Shift

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