Take a Hippie to Lunch
As we travel along our own path we see different things.
I see a young man at the river looking at his latest project. He built a water paddle wheel which does two things, it provides water for the commune and it creates electricity for the farm. He did not use wood ,clay and rope to build his creation. He used readily available technology from radio hut and the local hardware store.
I look on the internet and I see people from all ages writing about peace. Each in his own terms willing to share their knowledge with others for no cost, a few sell trinkets.
Each man or women tells a different story, a different way, a single path.
I see a women who wrote about how to live on a commune using the present laws available. Sharing her wealth of knowledge for a price.
Her knowledge so valuable that others are willing to buy the knowledge so that they too can live in harmony.
The women is a blessing.
I see others organizing funds for all causes, these things I see on the internet.
I see poems of love, a cry for peace.
I see people crying out/longing  for friendship, a hand to grasp in the ring of webs.
All good things I see.
I did not look for the bad, the evil. I know it is there, waiting for the young eager child.
Letting them drink blood. Very bad vibes.
If you are a child looking for pleasure, find a good hippie, take them to lunch.
A morning walk at Morningstar
 I am walking the land without clothe or shame, thin bare bones, the poverty speaks clearly. Others call it waste. Walking nowhere, seeing nothing but the space before me. Others call it a daze. As I approach another human, we smile, very happy to meet another in our presence. The senses are keen, the awareness seen. People are dressing me. If I wear a brown robe, I walked and talk, blessing all the humans I meet with awareness. If I wear a clown costume, I spin and dance, walk in the park, smiling with the flowers and children. If I wear a blue uniform with my name on the pocket, I labor with love, salt, sweat and mother earth.

Young men and women in the sixties had their own agendas. They were moving toward their known or unknown goals. I for one did not know where my life was headed. I assumed that everyone that I met was on the same path that I was on. I was wrong. My studies were always around religious philosophy, that was the direction that I was heading. My assumption was that I thought everyone was studying the same way. I was wrong. I took no school course in philosophy, that was my personal love. The Garden of Eden comes from my grandmother, her magazines with the lion and the lamb, people walking around naked in peace. Peace though non violence comes from Gandhi, be simple and good. Art as work, work as art, come from Michelangelo and his dedication to work for perfection though doing. Looking into all thought and images as a means to improve ones life comes from Leonardo Da Vinci and Thomas Jefferson. Sharing ones wealth for the good of the commune comes from Tolstoy. Being the image of god comes from Jesus. Rules and laws come from Moses and his Jewish nation. Seeing the one light comes from Buddha. Respect for the elders in the family comes from Confucius. Love the one your with comes from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.
Being seen as a human and comforted comes from Sylvia and Joanie.
Open land comes from Lou and Ramon.

Does this happen to you? More messages in a bottle.
Laurel and Allison are speaking on the phone on Sunday. They have a great time coffee klotching and talking about womens stuff and things. They speak about getting together and planning a great too doo. Since they have talked on the phone and the good vibes are so great. Since I was in the area during the past two days, since they have spoken,  I should know what the plan is? Right!  Has this happened to you. They swear on a stack of Good Books that you were informed.
They'll say to me, " I told you last week." They talked on the phone last week is what happened.
Sinced they talked then, they assume that I know what was said.
Things that happened after I left Morningstar, people may assume I know of. Others know the facts and people assume I know them also. What I wrote about is what I remember, all other details I read in articles by Pam and Ramon.
Because you have spoken with all the others, you assume I know the all the facts.
Thanks to Lou
The internet as an art form
Take a Hippie to Lunch

Words & Graphics by Tomas