What do I see; a vague view of life, a shallow interpretation of life; is that what I see?
Do I see visual colors without depth?

Does that seem clear, seeing only the outer edges of reality?
I do understand reality; I do understand the deep emotions, the twist and turns that the mind plays.
I understand that people react to certain emotions and that life moves because of those moves.
But all I see is the smile, the outer shell, the outer color, and the view of the earth.

Why do I see a vague view of life, a shallow interpretation of life?

Does education in the prime of life;
the years when the mothers hug defined life before adolescence mean something in the learning process and
the development of knowledge?
It is true that I learn everyday, but some depth in that ability seems lost to me.
Laurel says it's there but to me something was lost in the learning process of thinking and the storing of knowledge.
Not lost but maybe the training, the ability to store knowledge seems slow to me.

A mothers love and positive attitudes make life much more profound.

I see people that knew what life was about when they were only four years old and maybe younger.
And I …. had only the twinkling at 30. Lost years… here but not seen.

A mothers gift to a child is motherhood.
I do envy you that have had a mother.
Even though the landscape around this brick home is in town. The grass is an unbelievable green. It is true that it has rained this past week and the sun has shinned clearly on this part of the earth. No visible pollution thought if I looked I could find some. But the green of the grass is truly an unbelievable green; a splendor of color. This is the only time in my life that I can compare the beauty of Kentucky with the beauty of Hawaii.
Although lying under the redwoods is very nice or a drive up the El Camino Real could make a point.
The Humming bird is feeding near this window.
Still...., flying....., feeding .......and gone.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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