People value everything that they have and are extremely annoyed when someone defaces their precious object.
Why is that so?
Why is an object more valuable than a human being?
This does create a great amount ill feeling among human beings.
We live in a society that values money more than life itself and most people will agree with that and
will fight you tooth and nail about what they hold dear.
People say that I am wrong in believing that objects hold no value.
Why is that so? That puts me a quandary.
Life is valuable and to some so are their possessions. I may assume that ninety nine percent of all humans hold value in some possession.
I try to think of nothing when others hold on to objects but my ego says to then "that they should not hold on to objects" conflict always comes forward in these situations. Conflict in its present form is rather harsh.
I guess that is called an argument.
Time and grandchildren heal all wounds.
Time is precious and should be valued. Our moment in time is now. Grievance or ill feeling should not be carried forward into time but sometimes always do move forward in memory. Grievance or ill feelings are carried on our backs like scars on our skin.
How quickly should we move on into the future where mankind can live in peace and not carry our grievance or ill feelings forward? For me this is simple. For others it is hard and not going to happen.
Why is that so? That puts me a quandary.
I hold no answer. I may assume that everyone else does.

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