It is time to see the women.
The monk read his scripture on the pulpit and the merry maid toils in the kitchen.
They are both beings on the planet earth and each one is working for the good in society.
She toils in the kitchen and he works in the garden.
He wears robes like a monk and she wears linen to bed.
Why does society remember what he wrote and worship his glossy script and we forget why she toiled in the kitchen.
They each knew the same god.
Is her only burden a vessel for humanity?
Where is her pedestal?
Does she write her laws or values or does she just chant the old scripture that he wrote with grace?
She worships the monk's songs while the maid still toils upstairs.
It is time to value her word as Gods.
It is time to see the women.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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