Flowers & Vegetables

This is a very nice time of the day. The sun is casting long shadows and the green foliage is wet with dew. I am normally outside this time of morning leaving a trail in the wet grass.
Pam is talking about gardens and herds of cattle. Fences normally confine the cattle in this part of the country. From time to time they'll rub threw accidentally and away they'll go to greener pastures.

I have been working in our garden and yard since I left my job. I enjoy the freedom to wander about the earth. I do not wander very far I stay locally. At times I take photos of our landscape trying to find the pleasure of words in the photos. Photos do describe what my letters and vowels cannot do and that upsets me. Why can I not describe what my mind and eyes see like the photos can. Life should be simpler. I have taken a lot of photos of our yard thinking that I could show them as art. But the photos take up so much space.
The digital camera does things that a regular camera does not do. It takes quality photos without you doing anything. All I have to do is point and click and wham I have done what photo schools only envy. Technology moves us closer to the planet earth and the moment that I see. Another example of click and paste.
It is very hard to stay organic because the world wants flowers that double bloom without wiggly worms.
It is like the artist that takes a year to draw the love of his life and the photographer snaps it up in a moment.
A photographer can also snap up what I write.
The earth and its soil is a pleasurable place to work. I am glad that I have that opportunity to be part of this planet forever.
I have no time limits or quick solutions, I only have this moment to say hello over and over again.
I need to clone Pam so she'll:
1. Have time to be with her family.
2. Be in her garden.
3. Writing on her computer.
4. Be here wherever we are.
The world gives us so many opportunities and we do not have time to do them all.
Peace is a wonderful being.
 Flowers & Vegetables

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