Voices, voices, I hear a thousand small voices.
Chat, chat, hello and smiley faces.
We speak, we are vocal, we are the many small voices.
We pay the price of admittance and we chat, we speak our opinions, we are all small voices.
Wheat grows in those golden field.
We never ever seem to see just one stalk, we seem to see the field.
Voices, voices, I hear a thousand small voices.

Some folks on this planet and maybe the universe have voices that are wonderful to listen too.
We pay them for the opportunity to hear them.

Some folks get caught up in their importance that their voice has carried them too.

Morningstar Ranch:

Ronald Reagan thought that where I was at,
was wrong.
He tried to make me into a criminal because of what I believed in.
He had no clue? He only followed the law.
The law at that time was wrong; it had no pro-vision of the blessings of poverty.
He had no provision to deal with the blessings of self-poverty as a learning tool.
He knew of Jesus but did not know him.
He knew of Buddha but did not know him.
He knew of Gandhi but did not know him.
.........and I can go on and on.
He had lived in a dream world of wealth and Sunday School Drama.
The place in his world for me was the workplace.
He had no clue.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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