I have been working twelve hour days at work.
We are in a doctors office. I am waiting while Laurel was
in seeing the doctor. I sat in the waiting room reading a magazine. The
room was filled with mothers and their children. I was impressed with
one child of 18 months who was discovering the world.
He was looking and climbing, walking and falling. One moment he is bent over a toy box,
toys are flying out over his shoulders. The next moment he  is walking across the room.
His momentum leading the way into object to fall over. It was a splendid example of discovery.
It brought smiles to all the mothers and fathers in the room.
To me it was a pleasant reminder of the things to come for us as a family.
Allison is due in August, she is growing and the child is quite fine.
Her body is going through the trauma of pregnancy. All new emotions for
her. The doctor says she and the baby are doing quite well.
Age is catching up with Laurel and I. I should say weight is catching
and holding onto us. Other that that we are fine. I have a long ponytail
and Laurels hair is short and people are starting to talk. Everything is
rather pleasant and green here. We are doing fine. Say hello to all and
tickle a child.
Take care of your self,


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Words & Graphics by Tomas