Waiting for Natasha Mercedes Purcell

I am waiting in the Visitors Lounge with mothers and fathers who are waiting to hear about their daughters.
Our daughters are in labor, they are very close to giving birth. Their cycle is almost complete or is it just a new beginning, I do not know. They are here at the hospital; their bodies working and I am only waiting. Laurel and Jason offer support to Allison, a cool wet cloth on her forehead or neck, a gentle rub on her back, a patient smile, Laurel give Allison a knowing, I've been there "done that" look and smile. Jason measures contractions and loves Allison. I say hello and bend and kiss her hand as a knight would kiss the queen. That is my measure of assurance, my faith in her ability to be a mother. I wait as people move about in their tasks. Allison's body works hard, it knows what to do, Allison has read about what to do, she now tries to do what she has learned. Friends move in and out of her view and offer support. Allison mind and body go the limit in their extremes, she works hard to control her contractions, understand her contractions. The child inside is moved down slowly, the body knows what to do. Allison feels the intensity as her body moves the child down. Jason and Laurel are at her side at her command. They rub her gently and offer cool support. I stay out of the way and out of sight but sometimes move closer and hold her hand, she tightens her grip on mine as a contraction moves through her body, and I offer love and strength and a quiet security. I move away as Jason comes back. I move back into the waiting room with the mothers and the praying souls. I cannot explain the time it takes for the body of the mother and the child to move closer to birth. It is a long and tiresome time. We wait as her body works. I have no clue as to what mothers and husbands do to help theirs daughters and wives cope with the coming birth. I do have a clue but I stay in the background. I have faith in the ability of Allison, Laurel and Jason.
They have a troop of support waiting in the wings.
I was waiting in the hall when the baby arrived. Everyone was eager with anticipation; before the baby had arrived you could have dropped a pin on the floor and heard it as everyone waited for the sounds of mother or child. When the cries of the child were heard hearts and eyes were filled with the tears of joy, relief and pride.
When we were allowed in to see Allison and the child I moved toward Allison and gave her a kiss. I looked about as Jason held the baby out for Laurel to hold. I looked on and was surprised to see a complexion of peaches and cream on the small child. Her eyes were dark and round, aware. She was aware of the world around her. I looked into her eyes and I saw the deep comforting darkness in her child's eyes. I never looked to see the color of her eyes for I was spellbound in her presence. She was small and elegant, a queen born into this world. This is a bias that I will always hold as my own, my own personal treasure, my own jewel that will have a mother and father (Allison and Jason),
parents that will guide and teach her in this world of ours.
Later I watch Natasha Mercedes Purcell through the tempered glass as she lay under a warmer, hiccups bothered her as she tried to sleep. Now a nurse moves about her and tags her ankle and measures her, darkens her feet, lays a sticky monitor over her heart and checks her pulse and blood pressure. I watch this nurse as she does all these chores, all done with the respect for the newborn. She later moves over and picks up Mercedes with an acquired lift and caries her on her hip over to a table near the sink. Mercedes is laid on the blanket-covered table and the nurse puts her hand under the faucet and checks the water temperature. When the water temperature is correct she fills a small container and drops a clean washcloth into the small container. She quickly pulls up the wet dripping washcloth and moves it quickly over Mercedes, she is shocked and pleased at the same time as the loving care of the nurse moves over her body and repeats the process until Mercedes is clean. She wraps Mercedes into a clean dry blanket and sets her into a baby bed and rolls her over to the window where a proud family can view her lovely form. I am totally amazed. Allison is pleased and happy; euphoria is her present sense of being. Jason is exhausted and collapses into a chair. Laurel moves about like a mother and grandmother.
Laurel and I get ready to leave, I for home and to work in the morning and
Laurel to Allison's to help out the family in their time of need,
a pleasurable need indeed.

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Natasha Mercedes Purcell

 .Words & Graphics by Tomas