I watch water.
When it rains plants and trees absorb lots of water.
Where I work I make it my business to see what the water and rain are doing in this area that I live in. This morning I saw water moving rapidly in the local streams. I knew that it would move to the river because all the trees in the area have lost their leaves. In the summer when the trees are green and the flowers and grasses are growing they absorb most of the rainfall in our local area. But in the fall when all the leaves have fallen and the grasses are dormant water just sheds off them as if they were in the desert. People in arid and desert climates should bury their garbage locally and plant trees continually to create some kind of soil. People west of the Mississippi and Israel have created a landscape where deserts would have flourished had it not been for water and the planting of windbreaks of trees and shrubs. When we plant gardens and trees we help the environment that we live in.
That is why people are concerned about the rain forests in South America.
If the trees are gone then the rain will wash the soil into the river and cause flooding.
With the trees gone and the soil washed away all that will remain is heavy rocks and sand.
That has happened in Africa.
With no fertile land there is no food for the masses.
Some of us try to avoid the runoff of topsoil. But it is difficult task.
Soil does move rapidly downstream in this Ohio River.
Who sang, " It is hard being green?"
When it rains plants and trees absorb lots of water.

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