Wide eyes

Palms forward and eyes wide open Natasha looks at the world in awe.
I've seen the expression before, you remember "Betty Boop" she too had her eyes wide open, her mouth a circle in awe.
As I was leaving home for work Laurel walked by and we talked of Natasha, she gave me that expression to me.
"OH how wonderful" Laurel's eye wide with awe, palms forward.
She too had seen Natasha as Natasha looked at the world around her.

There is always something that can make your day nice.

As I drove away from the service station in the autumn fog I came across three deer frozen in my lights.
They were alive and standing in someone's yard in town.
They were still in the fog. I drove by in wonder,
a nice start for a day in November and the crescent moon is still in the night.

There are smells of skunk and mildew in the morning fog.
It seems to linger longer in this type of weather.
As I neared the dam a big buck and doe stood on the road.
They had other plans which I disturbed.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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