The women that I met in 1967 were different. Their attitude suggested that they were in control. Man did not control the way they lived their lives. They controlled the own being.
The best thing I could think of to say how I felt then and feel now is to show you my web page. It says Laurel and Tom, not Tom and Laurel. This is not about being polite, it is about respect for another being, women.
When I say that I tagged behind these women or those women, it was out of respect, not worship. I live and believe that women are equal.
When I complement you, I do it because I believe that we are equally being. When I send love letters to all the women that I have met, I do it to show them respect. To complement them on what determined attitudes can do to change the way life treats women. When I do silly things to comfort you, I do it out of respect. I do it now, while your alive. So that you will know that what you fought for has meaning in one mans heart. I probably am speaking for a lot of men that feel the same way.
Today we take it for granted about women being equal. But here in the south man still pushes his way into a womans drawers and spits into a can.

We Think

Being on this planet, sharing the atmosphere with all forms of life.
Animate or inanimate, whatever, being together for just a moment or forever in time and space.
Whatever we are doing, rising to the clouds or falling to the earth, gliding across the air currents, walking or rising from the earths core.
We are equal in the space of being.
We think that we are among the most intelligent creatures on earth.
We think.
We think we are equal.
badaba, Tomas

A Wish for Peace
 An Open Commune

Words & Graphics by Tomas