Why am I writing?

Putting words on paper, exorcizing the writing skill. Thoughts and ideas have left for the day. Is there some way to make these words understandable and poetic?
We know love when we see it and feel it. Our throats swallow and our tear glands work.
 Memories, movies and beautiful stories sometimes convey the emotions of love. We sometimes love a written story or emotion, we sometimes love another being, we sometimes love life. I have been blessed I have loved them all, I have loved another human, I have loved life, I have loved the written alphabet that conveys ideas to others. I love the fact that I can send an emotion of love to the world.
People ask me to try to convey my good emotions to the world. I have a lifetime to try.
We are interwoven strands of ideas, colorful patterns in tapestry. Our lives intertwine with words and thought. We want the earth to be at peace. We care and speak truthfully.
Time has moved forward, we still love and speak clearly.
Why am I writing?
I want the world to know that I care. I want the world to know that if they know what I think. They will have a friend that understands. People say that the mind sometimes is lost in depression. A depression that does not allow people like me to come too close. I always feel that a mood can be changed with understanding.
People tell me that what I think cannot help the person with the will of depression. That these people are beyond help.
I only wish that they have a nice day followed by another. I hope that the wheels that turn in their heads look at the life at their feet. I only wish that they have a nice day followed by another.
Decipher every word that I write. Get a dictionary out and study each word that I write. Understand what I write.

Why am I Writing?
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