The New Year
I was raised one half mile from Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California.
New year's eve my aunts would take all us kids on a tour of the floats and horses before the parade started.
All the floats and horses would be lined up on the adjacent streets near our home at 40  Belfontaine.
We could all smell thehorses, flowers and the roses in our neighborhood.
And on New Years Day we would be lined up on Colorado Boulevard eager to watch the parade.
Mexican cowboys would lasso us and throw confetti as they rode their horses by us.
The marching bands would bellow John Phillip Sousa and ignite a marching child of glee.
And now I have a new responsibility something like creating a wonderful world of Disney.
Something like a Wal-Smart greeter, a place in the mind where all of your troubles will be as
kind as a hippie in full flower and as peaceful as Gandhi and Buddha.
Peace on Earth, Good will to being.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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