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Ohio river three day forecasts and river concerns links:

That is me kneeling while Hopper sets the prop on the Dam at Lock 50 (Mid 1970's)
Marion Ky. Business Directory

Wicket Locks and Dams

Crittenden Co. Coalition for a Drug-Free Community

NARFE Kentucky Federation of Chapters

NARFE Western Kentucky District I Web Site

National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association Crittenden County - Local Chapter 1373

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 Mom says that they can not do that.l

The powerful words of blogs and the power to corrupt the United States Constitution.
Last week something happened at my bank when my funds were put on hold and my websites were seen as paid as I paid them then two days later as not paid as my bank funds were put on hold. 
I called the bank and they had no clue why the funds were put on hold; 
I called the website and they said maybe it was some glitch in the system.
I think that power corrupts and they think they can do as they please with banks and websites and ignore the United States Constitution.

Mom says that they can not do that.


Tomas 1967 Condensed

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These writings below were started in 1998

Laurel & Tom
Was       http://bellsouthpwp.net/t/o/tomas42064/

Now is         http://laurelrose.com/LAURELnTOM/


Joanie and I at Tolstoy Commune (Spring 1967)
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Tomas Dennis Diaz as he is today in Marion, Kentucky and in 1968 in Lexington, Kentucky at his sister Sandy's home. Tomas met Laurel Rose in Chicago
and she had cleaned me up just after leaving Morningstar in 1968. The only thing left was the belt by Sylvia. There are some great stories that I wrote about my attire at Tolstoy and Morningstar. Starting at: http://www.laurelrose.com/TOMAS2.HTM


Type a word into the search engine below and go into the layers of ads. As you do it supports organic life styles.
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Chapter 1373 of Marion, Kentucky

The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) of Chapter 1373 sponsor and pay for, “The Crittenden County Coalition for a Drug-Free Community Website and the Wicket Locks and Dams –Dam 50 Websites. We are happy to do so as a function of community support. 

Chapter 1373 which is located in Marion, Ky. also represents Federal Employees in the area around Crittenden County in Western Kentucky. 

Tom Diaz President of Chapter 1373 is also Federation Network Coordinator for the Kentucky Federation of Chapters and his main responibility is the The Kentucky Fedration of Chapters Website. 

Click here if you wish to join our group; please fill out this application.


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